About SonarWΒΆ

SonarW is a NoSQL Big Data Warehouse. It stores JSON documents within collections and is wire-level compatible with the MongoDB NoSQL database.

SonarW is optimized for Big Data analytics workloads. It keeps data as compressed columns/fields so that queries that require access to JSON data across very large data sets can do this quickly.

SonarW implements much of the industry best-practices in warehousing technologies such as partitioning, indexes that do not require large amounts of memory, multi-threaded query execution, MPP clusters and much more - but does it for data stored as flexible JSON documents rather than strict relational tables. In fact, SonarW has been built to run well with a small footprint and to utilize not just commodity hardware but very low-cost commodity hardware. It runs well on very small clusters and even a single node with very large data sets, it runs well with small amounts of memory and it runs well on very low-cost HDDs. It exceeds performance when compared with other Big Data alternatives while using far less hardware to do so.

SonarW is part of the jSonar Analytics Platform that complements SonarW with access layers such as SonarSQL (providing SQL access to the NoSQL warehouse), Sonar Gateway and JSON Studio.

Because SonarW supports a superset of the MongoDB language, this documentation does not replicate all the commands where SonarW is identical to MongoDB. Instead, the manual documents where SonarW is different from MongoDB or where it provides extensions and additional commands. Refer to the MongoDB documentation for information on standard queries and commands at: